How It Works

What is ToClix? Is a free platform to make Bitcoin for everyone without investing, Toclix gives you the opportunity to make coins with the Faucet, PTC Ads, Mining, Gambling, OfferWalls, and much more.

How To Start Earning?

It is very easy to earn free Bitcoin in the Toclix, just go to the sign-up option and complete there following it is free, when you finish signing up you able to make coins.

How To Earn Bitcoins?

The easiest way to earn bitcoin more away from Toclix websites. when you want to make coins sample click on the "earn bitcoin" button you will see their list just choose one whatever like a Faucet, Mining, PTC ads, arcade games, CoinTail bet and more try to earn coins.

Faucet How It Works

You able to earn unlimited Bitcoin in the faucet, it gives you every 10 minutes 1 claim. more and more coins you able to earn with the faucet this is the best way to make coins every day.

Mining Games

You can easily earn bitcoin every day without doing any work. For this you need to buy a tool, you can buy tools of any size and the mining energy of those tools will generate bitcoin for you every day.

PTC ads

You will be able to earn much more from PTC every day. Just look at our ads and earn coins. if you have a lot of referrals then you can earn more. so advertising with us and make coin it is free.

CoinTail Betting

Earn more bitcoin with CoinTail betting. You can bet any amount of BTC coin. If your luck is good you can withdraw your income every day. There is no limit to the number of BTC, you can bet whatever you want. You are able to earn 80% bitcoin when you win.


You can earn as much bitcoin as you like from Offer Wall, it gives you very quick withdrawal. If you want you can withdraw every day by earning from these offer walls. It is very easy and fast to earn money from the offer wall, it is not very difficult, you can earn bitcoin by downloading any app and you will be able to earn coins by completing a survey.


How to make more Bitcoins? Toclix offers an increase in your membership for quick incomes. You can change your plant whenever you want, in that case, fast you can earn coin with faucet or PTC. Then go to the "membership" option, choose the plan of your membership, and you able to earn more coins.

How To Withdrawing?

Withdrawal is very easy. You can withdraw every day if required coins are available in your account. Please check your wallet minimum limits before withdrawing. I mean, after 50000 you will able to withdraw in your wallet. Direct Bitcoin Wallet and FaucetPay.